Alkaline Phosphatase

Are you looking to source alkaline phosphatase enzymes? vision-biotech is the world鈥檚 principal supplier of alkaline phosphatase and has been providing the diagnostics industry with this critical raw material for over 30 years.

Our alkaline phosphatase has the highest activity and purity on the market. Extracted from bovine intestine and then refined using VBT鈥檚 proprietary purification techniques, it allows you to keep costs down while achieving high sensitivity and performance.

What is alkaline phosphatase used for?

ALP is used as an enzyme label in immunoassays like ELISA as well as in blotting and histochemistry settings and can be combined with a number of different colorimetric and chemiluminescent substrates.

Our alkaline phosphatase enzyme is available in a range of different activity levels, so you can choose the grade to perfectly complement your specific assay requirement.

Diagnostics expertise

vision-biotech is renowned as one of the world鈥檚 leading enzyme manufacturers. With over 50 years of diagnostic expertise, we have the knowledge and experience to help you employ the highest quality alkaline phosphatase products.

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