welcome thumbnailWelcome to vision-biotech

Download this brochure to find out more about the vision-biotech business and an overview of the complete package of products available to our customers. You can also read about our stringent quality procedures and why vision-biotech is the supplier of choice for numerous diagnostic companies on a global scale.



product list thumbnail

vision-biotech Product List

This brochure gives you an overview of the off-the-shelf products available from vision-biotech. This includes human proteins, antibodies, enzymes, disease state plasma and our nanoparticle labels.




OEM Contract Servicecontract services thumbnails

Our OEM Services brochure gives an introduction to both our contract development service and our contract manufacture service. If you are looking to develop a novel lateral flow test, or need some support to grow your production output, then this is the ideal place to get started.



gold thumbnailGold Nanoparticles and Custom Conjugation

Our gold nanoparticles offer superior properties over those of our competitors, making vision-biotech a leading manufacturer on a global scale. In this brochure you can find out about our nanoparticles, along with our custom conjugation service, designed to help our customers optimise their required conjugates in a simple, yet flexible package.



antibodies thumbnailAntibodies

Download this brochure to find our more about our monoclonal antibodies, including hybridomas, and our recombinant Fab monoclonal antibodies. You can also find examples of our top performing products such as Dengue and HbA1c antibodies.



lateral flow thumbnailBiological Raw Materials for Lateral Flow

This brochure is designed as a tool for our customers specialising in lateral flow test manufacture. It includes details of our leading product ranges including; antibodies, human proteins, gold nanoparticles and clinical patient samples.



elisa thumbnailBiological Raw Materials for ELISA

Download this brochure to find out about the range of materials available from vision-biotech for use in ELISA Assay. These include antibodies, human proteins, immunoassay enzymes and clinical patient samples.



clinical chemistry thumbnailBiological Raw Materials for Clinical Chemistry

Read more about the complete selection of raw materials for use in clinical chemistry, including our enzymes for routine test instruments, as well as bulk disease state plasma for the manufacture of control solutions.



diabetes thumbnailBiological Raw Materials for Diabetes Test Manufacture

vision-biotech is a leading manufacturer of Glucose Oxidase, an essential component is blood glucose monitoring tests. We also offer a selection of raw materials for the manufacture of HbA1c monitoring systems.



diabetes chinese version thumbnailChinese – Biological Raw Materials for Diabetes Test Manufacture

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