Recombinant Human NGAL

Introducing a low dimer recombinant human NGAL from vision-biotech

vision-biotech is pleased to introduce a low dimer recombinant NGAL protein to our product portfolio. Used as a novel marker for the early diagnosis of acute kidney injury, this exciting new product has a very low dimer content in relation to the monomer, making it highly specific for kidney damage.

Why choose VBT鈥檚 recombinant human NGAL?

High purity:聽The purity of >96% minimises the risk of interferences due to contaminants.

High specificity to kidney injury: low dimer content ensures the NGAL protein is specific for kidney damage.

A聽faster response time: Compared to other standard AKI biomarkers such as Serum Creatinine.

Secure supply chain: Our recombinant protein ensures supply sustainability as it is not dependent on biological raw material.

High quality: Manufactured in the UK, under ISO 9001 quality management system.

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