Our Unique Solution Revolutionising Lateral Flow

The Novarum Reader is a powerful software solution that enables users to read a lateral flow test using a smartphone.

Novarum鈥檚 innovative technology puts lab quality results in the hands of your end users. Improve the performance and extend the life of your assay using our revolutionary solution:

Add value for your existing customers

  • Provide quantitative data without changing platforms
  • Increase the reliability and accuracy of the result by removing human error and ambiguity
  • Improve performance with an immediate pass / fail result
  • Connect end users and professionals to test results immediately

Protect and increase your market share

  • Provide a next generation format without the high redevelopment costs and lengthy timeframes
  • Make your current offering more attractive
  • Become an innovator and leader in assay design and performance

Save time and money

  • Allow users to test in any location and access results immediately using our portable technology
  • Novarum provides a low cost reading with no additional hardware

Want to learn more?

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