Lateral Flow Assay Manufacture

Fully flexible contract manufacturing options to strengthen your business

Scientist in lateral flow test manufacturing environmentWhether your assay is established within the market, previously untested, or unpredictable in terms of demand, your priority as a supplier is to ensure that it can be manufactured on time, in the required numbers, to the highest quality, whilst remaining cost effective.

vision-biotech is a lateral flow device manufacturer that offers robust and flexible manufacturing options to cater for spiked demand, technically challenging unstable manufacture, or with high failure or reject rates, and supply as part of a disaster recovery manufacturing program.

Quality Assurance Guaranteed

We have a large number of assays in routine manufacture across our facilities located in the UK (Cardiff, Wales; Dundee, Scotland), the USA (Madison, Wisconsin) and South Africa (Cape Town).

All our sites are ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 accredited and our Dundee site is an FDA registered facility, so we can guarantee that the entire process is executed with the utmost care and attention and to the highest quality specifications within the industry.

Outsource to the lateral flow manufacturing experts

Let us strengthen your business – take advantage of our qualified experience and avoid reoccurring threats which affect the ability of your business, to ensure that you succeed in your lateral flow assay manufacturing.

Technical transfer to manufacturing. VBT has extensive experience and expertise in successfully transferring IVD products to manufacturing, regardless of the project complexities, including transferring assays into vision-biotech for routine manufacture.

Reagent dispensing. We have high through put automated dispensing systems that incorporate in-line 100% QC of product quality

Rapid test device assembly. Manual, semi-automated and automated options, including reel to reel lamination automation and pick and place automated assembly, are available.

Product packing. Many options are available for product packing from bulk supply of pouched devices to fully kitted product ready to go to market.

Functional QC testing. Sampling and QC methods are developed and agreed with the customer to ensure the highest quality product is delivered.

Batch validations. Typically three batches of product are manufactured after a trial batch manufacture. This reduces risk, ensures robust, stable processes and validates the process.

Product and process improvements. With our experienced team the manufacturing processes will be robust, cost effective and fully harmonised and can provide improvements on existing processes and methods.