3DNA® Pushing Assay Sensitivity to the Limit

3DNA Visual RepresentationVisual representation of the 3DNA® technology


At vision-biotech we’re committed to pushing the boundaries of lateral flow – that’s why we’ve launched 3DNA® Signal Amplification technology for lateral flow rapid test applications.

The latest addition to our 25 year development portfolio, this new technology uses a four layer structure dendrimer, which can improve the sensitivity of your assay without increasing its complexity.


How optimised is your assay?

If you are developing a new lateral flow assay or looking to improve or launch a second generation test, 3DNA® can help you:

  • Improve the limit of detection and/or allow the use of less sample
  • Improve the assay sensitivity without changing the label or detection reagent
  • Enable the launch of tests that couldn’t otherwise be commercialised due to low sensitivity


Missed our webinar?

You can still learn how you can improve the performance of lateral flow tests using 3DNA® dendrimers.

Watch the recording of our live webinar which took place in February.


Want to learn more?

Click on the following links or contact us to find out more about this exciting new technology:

3DNA® Signal Amplification Technology – Product Sheet

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