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Machinery Homepage ImageAt vision-biotech, we aim to support our customers at all stages of lateral flow test development and manufacture. If you require an immediate increase in your manufacturing capacity, then investing in automated machinery is often the best choice. Our rapid test manufacturing machinery ensures that you see dramatic benefits by automating the labour intensive areas of test strip manufacture.

What are the benefits of introducing automated manufacturing machinery?

  • Complete control of the manufacturing process
  • Reduction in manufacturing time
  • Consistency of quality
  • Cost savings on labour and material yield

Why choose vision-biotech automated manufacturing machinery?

At vision-biotech, we understand exactly what is involved in manufacturing high volumes of rapid tests – because its what we do! By working with someone that understands what is involved with introducing automation, you can be confident that all aspects of the process are considered, and continual support and troubleshooting is available on demand.

As part of our high level service, quality skilled technical specialists can help with the installation and set up requirements. The rapid test manufacturing machinery from VBT is also backed up with full technical support and carries a 12 month warranty.

vision-biotech manufacturing machinery products

VBT offers 3 styles of rapid test manufacturing machinery all providing varying benefits for your in house assay manufacture. To find out more about which product best suits your needs, click on the product links below.